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Wedgewood Golf

Silver IR Series

Silver IR Series

Ultimate Mid, Short-Iron & Wedge Replacement Hybrids

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Silver IR Series Hybrid Specifications


The Silver IR Series combines the most sought after characteristics of traditional irons and woods into a single hybrid design. The Silver IR Series key design characteristics include:

Low and Deep Center of Gravity – Higher ball flight with extra spin
Wide Curved Sole – Superior results from sand and rough
Added Back Weighting – Extra power and stability at impact
Extended Front Leading Edge – Patented shank-proof design
Shorter “Iron Length” Shaft – More control and consistency

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Hit Shots Better. Every Time.

Feeling stuck on the fairway? The Silver IR Series delivers more stability and forgiveness with each swing, whether you’re hitting from the tee box, fairway, rough or bunker.

Greater Trajectory

Our replacement wedges are exceptional for shots around the green. You can easily pop the ball out of green-side bunkers, chip out of the rough or lob the ball higher with amazing stopping action.

Shank-Proof Design

Designed to give you more confidence and consistency, the Silver IR Series allows you to hit with greater accuracy and power, leaving your traditional irons collecting dust at home. Featuring extra back weighting for added stability, you'll love how easy it is to swing and hit the ball over water and sand, before it lands gently on the green. The Silver IR Series pairs powerful impact with longer distance, so your ball always goes where you need it. Hit the ball higher, straighter and with more power from any lie! Silver IR Series hybrid irons feature quality 15/5 stainless steel heads, Harrison™ filament wound graphite shafts and Golf Pride™ New Decade grips.

What Customers Have To Say

  • Ann Croker

    "Like everybody else I started out getting the 7 iron deal. Loved that so much that I now have the full set including the driver. They have improved my game and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. People are always asking me about them after I’ve hit a great shot and I just say like the guy on the video 'WEDGEWOOD'!"

  • Doug Arthur

    "Thank you Wedgewood for making such a fine product. Manufacturing wise, your clubs are attractive and well built. An absolute value in cost. They are priceless in confidence delivered. Well done!"

  • Eric Thomley

    “I was ready to give up golf as I couldn’t hit standard irons, but then I bought the Silver Series set and found new life on the course. These clubs have made me discover my love of golf all over again.”

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