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The following is a growing list of customers who submitted Wedgewood hybrid golf club testimonials. Before you read what people had to say, check out our video of satisfied customers who sent us videos with their Wedgewood clubs. To submit your own review, create a video on your smartphone or tablet with your Wedgewood, let us know what you like and click the link below to submit. You can enter a written testimonial by clicking on the link and filling out the form.

  • David "Gary" Wilson
    - Kelowna, BC, Canada

  • Mark Molina
    - San Antonio, TX

  • Jim Nolan
    - Vancouver, WA

General Reviews

John R. Robinson | Collierville, TN

I have had these clubs for 4-5 months and I have been able to improve my handicap by 10 strokes(from a 28 to 18). I now playing in the middle to high 80’s. Great clubs.

Anne Croker | Iowa City, IA

Like everybody else I started out getting the 7 iron deal. Loved that so much that I now have the full set including the driver. They have improved my game and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. People are always asking me about them after I’ve hit a great shot and I just say like the guy on the video “WEDGEWOOD”!

John Szczech | Altamont, NY

I ordered 3 Silver Series clubs on 9/20 and received them today 9/22. Very impressive. My order was completely correct. Great website, ordering was clear and simple. I wish everybody was as easy to deal with as you guys. I’m looking forward to using my new clubs. Nice job, thank you!

David Metzler

I’m a GM at a golf course in central PA. I’m generally a mid 70s golfer who shoots par from time to time. After battling shanks for last year and seeing my handicap skyrocket and as a teaching pro I still couldn’t lose them, I finally switched to your clubs and boy am I glad I did. Back to near scratch golfer and your irons are wonderful. High flight, can work them either direction and nice sound when hit. I bought the 7-9 irons, but will be adding 6 and PW soon. Love them!!! If you have any promotional flyers or advertisements for your clubs, I’d definitely hang them up at my course. Thanks!


Over four years I have not been able to play golf. It was do to health conditions and a shoulder injury. When I did pick up my old clubs to play I could never hit them the way I did before. So I found Wedgewood clubs and ordered the 7-iron. It was the best golf move I ever made. First time I hit this Club I couldn’t believe how easy it was to swing. It flew high, straight and far. I was so impressed I bought the rest of the irons. And soon I will be replacing my fairway woods with Wedgewood clubs. Give them a try you can’t go wrong.


I ordered 7,8 and 9 Silver Series Hybrid Irons in June and received them very promptly. I started using them right away and noticed the difference immediately. I found my shots going straighter on a more consistent basis and managed to lower my handicap from 16 to 12 from June to September. Needless to say, I am sold on Wedgewood.


I struggled last 2-3 years with the dreaded “shanks.” I found these clubs on the internet and golf is fun again! I cannot shank these irons. The clubs have a lifetime warranty. I had to replace a 8 iron customer service was exceptional. These clubs are a “game changer.”

Iron & Wedge Reviews

John Owens | Longmont, CO

Having lost about 10 yards distance into greens with my 8 & 7 irons since turning 65, I tried a couple of different club makers with no success. My Wedgwood clubs have brought distance back with accuracy and spin that holds greens and results in more pars per round. Amazing! I will now junk my 6 iron and replace it as well. – 10 handicap with 8 as a realistic target this year.

Jill Burton | Rochester, NY

Just received my ladies Silver IR Series 7 iron, used it today and I love it. Hit it straight and long. As I’m not normally strong out of rough this club glided through with ease!

Sara Lockhart | Palm Coast, FL

Thought you’d like to know that I just had a hole in one today on Hole No. 14 (playing 105 yds. today) at Grand Haven using my 7 Wedgewood (34 degrees). Love these clubs because I can hit them high and land them soft.

Rian Harpie | Venice, FL

Purchased your 7 iron on special. I was so impressed by the feel,control and consistent ball strikes. I did not miss a green inside 150 yards. I have tried other brands only to send them back. I highly recommend Wedgewood and will be purchasing more of your product. Thank You!

Fairway Wood Reviews

Phil Bartlett | Bellville, TX

After trying nearly every hybrid on the market, I purchased a 22 degree Wedgewood to try out. I liked it so much I also purchased a 16 and 19 degree. These clubs are consistent and getting them up in the air is no issue. At 70, I am still a single digit handicap and have been playing golf for almost 60 years. Wedgewood is the easiest hybrid to hit and produces great shots. I wish I had found them years ago.

Robert Bryant | Austin, TX

I have the full set of Silver Series irons and the 16 ,19 and 22 Golds. You could not buy them back at double what I paid you for them.

Rocco Racano | Marlboro, NJ

I have added six Wedgewoods (Gold Series 16°,19°, 22° and SIlver 5i, 6i, and 7i) to my bag over the past two months. Yesterday I shot my lowest score ever, and it was no fluke. These clubs have a unique feel and control not found in any of the dozens of fairway woods, hybrids or irons that I have tried.

Driver Reviews

Eric Brown | Westland, MI

I am definitely a true believer in full line of Wedgewood clubs but I recently received the gold series driver as a gift from my wife. Today is the first day that I have taken it out and played a round of 18 with it. I was blown away!!!! I only missed 1 fairway the entire round and that was due to my error. I am truly amazed by this driver and highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve from the tee box.

Putter Reviews

Patricia Poswall | Sacramento, CA

I just wanted to let you know how much I love my new putter. It gives me loads of confidence on the putting greens!

Richard Fernandez | Middlebury, VT

Having the entire iron set I finally ordered your little Rhino putter, I took it out once and loved it!

Trent Wikstrom | Lakeville, MN

I really like the way my Rhino sets up. Just put it down behind the ball and it squares up perfectly. One of the best putters I’ve had!

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