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Wedgewood Golf

Hy-Wd Hybrid Woods

Hy-Wd Hybrid Woods

Ultimate Long-Iron & Fairway-Wood Replacement

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Gold Fairway Hybrid Specifications

The ultimate long-iron & fairway-wood replacement, the Hy-Wd Hybrid Woods have been carefully designed and crafted to give you the accuracy and control of top-of-the-line long irons with the forgiveness and power of the finest fairway woods.

  • Superior Control: The Hy-Wd Hybrid Woods provide more swing and distance control, and stopping action than traditional metal woods or hybrids.
  • More Distance: An advanced multi-metal head combined with breakthrough “Hybrid Twist” shaft technology helps produce effortless distance.
  • Solid Sound & Feel: The patented head design features a thicker top-line and is injected with a dense foam polymer to ensure a solid feel and pleasing sound at impact.
  • Higher Flight: A lower profile face and lower center of gravity produces a higher ball-flight and maximum playability.

Replace your hard to hit long-irons and inconsistent fairway-woods with the standard in hybrid technology!

Wedgewood Hybrid Woods feature quality 15/5 stainless steel heads, Harrison™ filament wound graphite shafts and Golf Pride™ New Decade grips.

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What customers have to say

  • Doug Arthur

    "Thank you Wedgewood for making such a fine product. Manufacturing wise, your clubs are attractive and well built. An absolute value in cost. They are priceless in confidence delivered. Well done!"

  • Phil Bartlett

    "After trying nearly every hybrid on the market, I purchased a 22 degree Wedgewood to try out. I liked it so much I also purchased a 16 and 19 degree. These clubs are consistent and getting them up in the air is no issue. At 70, I am still a single digit handicap and have been playing golf for almost 60 years. Wedgewood is the easiest hybrid to hit and produces great shots. I wish I had found them years ago."

  • Robert Bryant

    I have the full set of Silver Series irons and the 16 ,19 and 22 Hybrid Woods. You could not buy them back at double what I paid you for them.

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