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General Information

What is your return policy?

Wedgewood Golf strives for 100% satisfaction. For any reason, within 30 days of your delivery date, your Wedgewood merchandise may be returned to us for a full refund. To process your return, please contact our customer service department at 1-888-833-7371.

What is your warranty if the shaft breaks or head cracks?

We offer a lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defects. We will repair or replace your Wedgewood at no charge to you. For warranty’s, please contact our customer service department at 1-888-833-7371.

How long until my order ships?

All domestic orders are shipped via US Postal Service or UPS within the next business day of your order being placed. International orders are shipped via US Postal Service within the next business day. For shipping questions or special requests, contact our customer service department at 1-888-833-7371.

Who should use the Wedgewood Clubs?

Anyone who has trouble hitting traditional irons consistently. The Gold Series clubs are designed to replace traditional long-irons and fairway-woods, the Silver Series will replace traditional mid-irons and wedges.

Do you swing these more like an iron or a wood?

More like an iron, line up the ball in the center of your stance and hit with a descending attack angle versus a sweeping swing.

Which shaft flex should I order?

Wedgewood shafts are slightly stiffer compared to most traditional irons. The senior flex shafts are a bit more flexible and are better suited for players with a slow to medium swing speed where the regular flex shafts are geared for golfers with a medium to fast swing speed. If you are uncertain which shaft flex you should order please feel free to contact our customer service department at 1-888-833-7371.

The Technology

What is Hybrid Golf Technology?

The science of extracting key properties from two separate golf club categories (woods & irons) and fusing them together to create one unique design.

How do the Wedgewood’s compare to traditional irons?

Compared to irons, the Wedgewood’s:

● Hit a consistently higher ball flight with more back-spin

● More forgiving on off-center hits

● Easier to hit from trouble lies (rough, bunkers and divots)

How do the Wedgewood clubs differ from traditional fairway woods?

Compared to the equivalent lofted fairway wood, the Wedgewoods have a:

● Shorter shaft length for more swing control

● Flat milled face for more shot control

● Lower and deeper center of gravity for a higher ball flight

I have been shanking the ball with my irons, will the Wedgewood help?

Yes, the Wedgewood’s face has an extended front leading edge which helps to eliminate the “shanks”. The club head will make contact with the ball before it has a chance to hit the hosel.

Why do Wedgewoods work better than traditional hybrid clubs?

Wedgewoods have a contoured sole making shots out of rough and tricky lies easy. More back-weighting stabilizes the Wedgewood offering more forgiveness. A lower and deeper center of gravity produce a higher ball flight with more back-spin.

The Clubs

Is the Wedgewood legal or USGA conforming?

Yes, all the Wedgewoods conform with USGA rules.

What kind of grip is on the Wedgewood?

GolfPride New Decade grips for our Silver IR Series and Gold Series Fairway Hybrids clubs.

What kind of shaft is in the Wedgewood?

Filament wound carbon graphite shafts made by Harrison Shafts and are designed specifically for Wedgewood Golf.

How long are the Wedgewood shafts?

The shafts are about the same length as traditional irons. Compared to most standard irons the Wedgewoods are normally about the same length or a 1/2″ longer.

What is the difference between the Men’s and Lady’s Wedgewoods?

Men’s: One inch longer, stiffer shaft flex and a little heavier overall weight.
Lady’s: One inch shorter, softer shaft flex, smaller grips and a lighter overall weight.

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