Wedgewood Hybrid Technology

Wedgewood Golf is the leader in hybrid golf clubs. Our clubs are specifically designed for golfers that have trouble hitting traditional irons consistently. Here’s how our innovative technology produces the best hybrids on the market.

Technology #1

Low / Deep Center of Gravity

● Produces higher softer landing approach shots

● Added backspin for more stopping action on greens

Technology #2

Extended Front Leading Edge

● Shank proof, head twisting and hits on hosel eliminated

● More backspin for better stopping action on greens

● Makes getting ball airborne easy from any lie

Technology #3

Flat "Milled" Face

● No bulge of roll means more control like an iron

● More consistency on precise approach shots

Technology #4

Extra Back Weighting

● Added stability and forgiveness

● More power for golfers of all levels

Technology #5

Extended Beveled Sole

● Added stability

● Head slides through tuff, harder to chunk

● Head slides through sand on bunker shots

Technology #6

Contoured "Slim Drag" Sole

● Low turf drag cuts the ball up and out of the rough

● Heal and toe won’t catch, effective from any lie angle

● Side hill and tricky shots are made easy

Technology #7

Perimeter Weighted "Heavy Head" Design

● More forgiveness on off-center hits

● Sweet spot is 30% bigger than traditional hybrids

Technology #8

"Iron Length" Shafts

● Shorter shafts increase confidence and control


A closer look at the Wedgewood design. Detailing why the Wedgewood enables golfers to hit shots higher, straighter and further than with their traditional irons.