• Loft: 12°
  • Length: 44″
  • Lie: 60°
  • Left-Hand Option: No
  • Range (yds): 200+
  • Kick Point: Mid

Gold Series Hybrid Driver

Hybrid Technology Off the Tee

The Gold Series Hybrid Driver is an evolution in driver design and offers maximum control and playability. The premium 460cc titanium head combined with Wedgewood’s hybrid technology produces amazing results.

The Wedgewood Gold Series Hybrid Driver features a premium titanium 460cc head, a Harrison™ filament-wound graphite shaft and a Golf Pride™ New Decade grip. A matching embroidered headcover is included with every hybrid driver. Only available in Right-Handed.



This hybrid driver is specifically designed for golfers with average-to-slow swing speed. Produce more power, higher ball flight and gain superior control with these features:

  • Hybrid Shaft Advantage – A shorter 44″ shaft increases control and confidence compared to a traditional length 46″ driver shaft. A premium graphite hybrid “twist” shaft offers outstanding stability and consistency.
  • High Performance Weighting – A precision-placed low and deep center of gravity (CG) increases stability and creates a high launch angle with minimum sidespin.
  • Superior Face Technology – A low radius “iron style” face results in the control of a traditional iron with unparalleled power and consistency on off-center hits. A “Cup Face” interior delivers a higher moment of inertia (MOI) at impact resulting in superior distance and feel.

I am definitely a true believer in full line of Wedgewood clubs but I recently received the gold series driver as a gift from my wife. Today is the first day that I have taken it out and played a round of 18 with it. I was blown away!!!! I only missed 1 fairway the entire round and that was due to my error. I am truly amazed by this driver and highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve from the tee box.

Eric Brown | Westland, MI

I purchased the Gold Series Driver a couple of months ago, it has given me my confidence back on the tee! More control and more carry than any driver I’ve had!!! Thanks Wedgewood!

Neil Harris

Driver, Putter, 3 wedges and 9, count em “nine” Wedgewoods. Last year(the first with Wedgewoods) 1st and 2nd in Club Championships. Enough said.

Doc Garton

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