Why use hybrid golf clubs?

Wedgewood Golf wants to make golf more enjoyable for everybody. That starts with improved ball-striking and consistency. Wedgewood hybrids do just that. Browse our selection of clubs and find what’s right for you.

Why You'll Love Them

  • Straighter line

    Straighter Line

    Hit the ball straight with the help of Wedgewood’s Slim Drag Sole. Used in all of our hybrid golf clubs, this sole reduces the likelihood of the club head twisting even in the deepest rough. You will achieve greater accuracy and virtually shank-proof.

  • Higher ball flight

    Higher Ball Flight

    The deep center of gravity in our hybrid golf sets produce a higher trajectory when you strike the ball. This lift will allow you to hit the ball over water and sand and place it gently on the green.

  • More backspin

    More Backspin

    The forward leading edge from our hybrid golf clubs generate more bite for your ball. The natural backspin and stopping action will allow your ball to hold firm onto the green during approach shots.

  • More power

    More Power

    Wedgewood’s added back weighting will provide more power and help stabilize the club at impact. A nice easy swing will get you the distance you desire down the fairway or to the pin.

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Low / Deep Center of Gravity
Extended Front Leading Edge
Flat “Milled” Face
Extra Back-Weighting
Extended Beveled Sole
Contoured “Slim Drag” Sole
Perimiter Weighted “Heavy Head” Design
“Iron Length” Shafts
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Replace your traditional irons and fairway-woods with a set of Wedgewood hybrids.

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