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Swinging the Wedgewood Silver IR Series Hybrid Irons

Hitting the Wedgewoods

Hit the SIlver IR Series hybrids with ease from the Fairway, Sand and Ruff!

Silver IR Series Hitting Tips

Hitting tips for using the Wedgewood Silver IR Series hybrid golf clubs.

Bump and Run Chip Shot

Bump and run chip using the Wedgewood Silver IR Series hybrid irons.

Silver Series Greenside Bunker

Tips on hitting the Silver IR Series hybrid out of a greenside bunker.

Silver IR Series Fairway Bunkers

Hitting the Silver IR Series hybrid out of a Fairway Bunker.

Silver IR Series Out of the Rough

Hitting the Wedgewood Silver IR Series hybrid out of the ruff with ease!

Silver IR Series - Tee on Par 3

Hitting the Wedgewood Silver IR Series from the tee on a par 3.

Wedgewood Flop Shot

Tips on hitting a flop shot with the Silver IR Series Sand Wedge.

Hit the ball higher, straighter, and with more power from any lie. Order yours today! The Silver IR Series will give you the confidence to hit with accuracy and power!

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Swinging the Wedgewood Gold Series Fairway Hybrids

Hitting the Gold Series Fairway Hybrid

Tips on hitting the Wedgewood Gold Series Fairway Hybrid.

Bump and Run shot with Gold Series Fairway Hybrid

Using the Wedgewood 19° Gold Series Fairway Hybrid for a bump and run shot around the green.

Replace your traditional long irons and fairway woods with the gold standard in hybrid technology. Order yours today! Gain control, consistency and a higher flight with the Gold Series Fairway Hybrids!

Buy – Gold Series Fairway Hybrid

Swinging the Wedgewood Gold Series Hybrid Driver

Wedgewood Hybrid Driver

Hitting tips and design characteristics of the Gold Series Hybrid Driver.

The Gold Series Hybrid Driver is an evolution in driver design offering maximum control and playability. Order yours today! Experience Wedgewood hybrid technology off the tee!

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Putting with the Wedgewood "little Rhino"

Wedgewood "little Rhino" Putter

Go low with the "little Rhino"!

Wedgewood "little Rhino" Putter

Introducing our new putter, the "little Rhino". Solid, Balanced and Compact. Get yours today!

The “little Rhino’s” high-tech design will enable you to make consistent solid contact helping you roll the ball better than ever before. Order yours today! On the greens, the “little Rhino” will be your new best friend. Snort, Snort!

Buy – “little Rhino” Putter

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Every hybrid golf club is different. Each manufacturer uses different technology to maximize their clubs' performance. See how our hybrids stack up against the biggest brands in golf.

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Hybrid Clubs

Wedgewood Golf wants to make golf more enjoyable for everybody. That starts with improving ball-striking and making the game easier. Wedgewood hybrids do just that. Browse our selection of clubs and find what's right for you.

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