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Wedgewood Hybrid Technology

Hybrid Technology Diagram

Low / Deep Center of Gravity

  • produces higher softer landing approach shots
  • added back-spin for more stopping action on greens

Extended Front Leading Edge

  • shank proof, head twisting and hits on hosel eliminated
  • added back-spin for more stopping action on greens
  • makes getting ball airborne easy from any lie

Flat “Milled” Face

  • no bulge of roll means more control like an iron
  • more consistency on precise approach shots

Extra Back-Weighting

  • added stability
  • more power for golfers of all levels

Extended Beveled Sole

  • added stability
  • more forgiveness on heal and toe hits
  • head floats on top of sand making bunker shots easy

Contoured “Slim Drag” Sole

  • low turf drag cuts the ball up and out of the rough
  • effective from any lie angle
  • side hill and tricky shots are made easy

Perimiter Weighted “Heavy Head” Design

  • more forgiveness on off-center hits
  • sweet spot is 30% bigger than traditional hybrids

“Iron Length” Shafts

  • shorter shafts increase confidence and control