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The following is a growing list of customers who submitted Wedgewood hybrid golf club reviews and testimonials. To submit your own review, click the button below and fill out the form at the bottom of the page.
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Bought and received your 7-iron special last week and took it on a 4-day golf trip the next day. Love it! Have struggled with my mid-irons and the hybrid look and feel did the trick, it immediately saved me several strokes a side. It’s the perfect 145-155 yd club for me, I was on a lot of greens in 2, something I don’t normally do, and it was deadly on the 155yd par 3s. Great product, my compliments!
~ John Ellis
I live in the golf capital of the world, The Villages in Florida. Since I received my set of Silver Series Wedgewoods, Everybody I play with wants a set!~ Wendell Terry
I regret that I did not take up golf until the age of 41. I am now 57…and have finally, I repeat…finally found some irons that I can hit consistently. Over all those years I spent countless hours practicing and playing with classic name brand irons…that I never could get totally comfortable with. I was always plagued with hitting fat shots, thin shots, and the occasional dreaded shank. NOW DAYS….I am proud to be seen as a WEDGEWOOD hybrid player. Primarily due to the face forward design I now hit ball first – and then turf…taking a nice pro style divot. These clubs are the REAL DEAL for anyone who struggles with conventional styled irons. My biggest help has been from 110 yards and in. I now LOOK FORWARD to hitting my Wedgewood 7/8…or 9/PW…..as opposed to formerly dreading those shots. I am enjoying golf more – and posting some of the best scores of my life since using the Wedgewoods. You owe it to yourself to try one. Hit it just like an iron – hitting down on the ball – and watch yourself getting closer to the pin than you ever have before. AND, without the fear of that FAT SHOT! Thanks Wedgewood!
~ Jerry Payne
I just wanted to inform you that the golf clubs came in yesterday.  Thank you for going out of your way to get us the Wedgewoods to Afghanistan. The loft was good to hit out of the sand and the other “tough lies” that we encounter around here.  My guys are super excited.  You have made life over here far more tolerable.  Any time we get a package from home- we all know that people are thinking about us- when they are golf clubs- that is even better.  Thank you so much again and I look forward to further contact with you throughout the deployment.
~ United States Serviceman
I bought the seven iron to try them out, loved it. Bought several other of the clubs I broke 80 for the first time ever on my home course, bettering my previous best by seven strokes. That’s only after two weeks of getting them. Well today that seven iron got me my first ace while playing in a couples tournament. So now my wife understands why I need to have the whole set pretty much. I let her use your pw, by far her best shot of the day. Its unbelievable what these clubs have done for my confidence.~ John Jackson
Well I just cant say enough about what these clubs have done for my game. In just one month. I have been able to routinely match or beat my previous low rounds. I broke eighty for the first time, shooting a 78 beating my best mark by 7 strokes. A week later I canned my first ace. Now a week after that I just played 9 holes at par score of 36. All this before I was able to get the 9 iron, gap wedge, and sand wedge. My next goal is to par the back 9 and then the whole 18. This is not an easy course I am playing either. I let a fella try it out on a par 3 130yd He stuck it 6 feet away on his first swing. This is after he completely missed the green with his own clubs. You really have something here. I’m sure glad I found these clubs. Thank you for your hard work in making such a forgiving club set.~ John Bowers
These clubs didn’t work out for me but the customer service of this company is second to none. They fully honored their 30 day play guarantee and there are no restocking fees or other “gotchas”. I called and told them the clubs didn’t work for me and was immediately provided return instructions. Truly no questions asked or trying to talk you out of returning the product. I would not hesitate to do business with this company again, first rate all the way.~ Kevin Wair
Ordered your set this past year. Have gone from hitting 105 to today hitting an 87. I have developed great confidence from inside the 100 yd marker I never had. I have just ordered a second set for my Florida trips. Many thanks for my first 87.~ George Chartier
I have not been able to hit irons for 3 years now. I purchased a 7 and 8 iron of the silver series. In my 3rd round with the new clubs I aced a 132 yd hole. These clubs have saved my outlook on the game of golf because i was truly frustrated because of poor iron play. Thank you.~ Harold Crowe
Don’t give up on Golf your cure is the Wedgewood clubs. I got the Gold Series and love them it saved me from quitting Golf. Don’t believe me try them and then you can write your own testimonial . I hit almost every ball like I have played Golf for 30 years and by the way their shipping is quick and accurate.~ Rick Johnson
I have used your Gold Series clubs for a month now and all I can say is the fun is back in golf. I can hit the 19 degree as far as my driver and alot more accurate, all the guys I play with say is those clubs you got have really turned your game around! I’m 66 now and the Gold Series have kept me even with the younger players that I used too try and compete with. Thanks Wedgewood.~ Fredrick Staley
Thank you for recently sending the two clubs to me so quickly. I have to say I am so impressed with them, I have used them twice now out on the course and a couple of times on the range. My confidence has returned and I am now playing golf again with a smile on my face, rather than just dreading every iron shot. They do everything it says on your website, and are just so forgiving and a joy to play with. And the shanks are now confined to history. I wish I had discovered them years ago, but better late than never I suppose ! Thank you so much for designing and making such an ingenious and fantastic product, I am one happy golfer again thanks to Wedgewood! I will be recommending your products to my golfing friends, so hopefully in the future you will also be receiving some additional orders from this little part of England. ~ Martin Strickson
The most consistent club in my bag is my 8 hybrid 38 degree Wedgewood club, high loft and straight, at 100-110 yds. I know it is generally on the flag, the 6 hybrid is exactly the same but out about another 15 yds. Great clubs!~ Robert Caplinger
My husband purchased the ladies series 7 Wedgewood for me. I hit it so well. I’m able to get the ball in the air with these clubs, which I could not do with my regular irons. I’m really looking forward to lowering my score this year! Thank you!~ Kim Zeigler
Always a 11-13 hcp. Now a solid 8-9 with Wedgewoods. I now have the 5-GW. My golf groups are amazed. Shankproof = fearproof.~ Ken Jones
Had problems with my irons to start this year. Saw your 7 iron special in Golf Magazine and when it came, I took it to the course right out of the box and hit EVERY green I used it on. Amazing!!!!!!!!! Plan to pick up a few more asap. Thank you.~ Bob Rushton
I’m a 60 year old with two locked fingers on my right hand. I have your 5, 7 PW, GW and SW. These clubs are great, I especially like the 5 and the PW. I can really hit the ball with these Wedgewoods even with my right hand weakness.~ Greg Jones
Received my pitching wedge on Friday (13th!) and shot my best nine holes ever..42! You can not hit this club anywhere but straight. Pitching, chipping, it does it all! Great club!!!~ John Lomansey
I’m 68 yrs. old and recovering from a kidney transplant. As a result I take 9 different prescription drugs daily. They have totally affected my balance and as a result my golf game has totally changed. I used to be a 8-10 handicapper but now can’t break a 100. I promised myself that I would play golf again regardless. After not being able to hit my irons anymore I purchased your 7 and 8 hybrids. Needless to say, I hit those clubs better than anything I did before, even when I was younger. I can now easily get the ball up and find that my distance is greater also. Can’t say enough good things about your clubs.~ Art Kevorkian
Purchased a 38° Wedgewood Original in March of 2008, it has been a good go-to club from 100 to 120 yards for me as a senior golfer. I used the club on a 110 yard par 3 and scored my first Hole-In-One.~ Vito Santoro
I ordered the 7 iron to see what these clubs feel like. Boy was I surprised at how well it performed. I have always been good with the woods but struggle with the irons. I hit this 7 iron so well and from all kinds of lies even hard pan. I am going to order more now. Thanks for making golf more fun.~ Wayne Jackson
I now own the complete silver series and it has changed my game. Roughs are now easy, hitting more greens. I love how it clears trees.~ Robert Todd
Just wanted to add my name to the list of happy customers. I have had my clubs for about a month now and every time out is getting better. I holed out from 80 yards yesterday with my sand wedge. I was having a terrible case of the shanks prior to using Wedgewoods, and those have disappeared. My confidence level with these clubs is great. I’m turning 69 this summer and thought my best days on the golf course were long behind me, well that is not the case now. I finally, for the first time in my life have been able to put back spin on the ball, and am hitting more greens in regulation then ever. THANK YOU WEDGEWOOD!~ Mitch Chuck
I don’t do this normally, but just had to tell you that I absolutely LOVE this club that I got from you!! First hit with it from 163 yds out-straight at the flag, 5 ft from the hole!!! Awesome! Thank you!~ Jim Stone
I have always had problems hitting my irons. Tried my brothers “Originals” about 5-years ago and loved them, never going back.  Bought the “Silver Series” (6-9) in 2011.  Had a hole-in-one at my home course (Herndon Centennial) using the Silver-6 on July 31st.
Thanks Wedgewood!~ Frank Metro
I have been using Wedgewood clubs for over ten years now and love them. I am on my second set and hit the ball better and score better with them than regular irons. Thanks Wedgewood!~ Clarence Kearney
Everything they said it was!!!  First shot using my wedge: 120 to the green. Effortless swing, crisp sound at contact, high ball flight, then bang 4 feet from the hole with one bounce and the ball immediately stopped!!!. Yes, sank the putt for birdie. If you need confidence on your approach shots, these are the clubs for you. It has been my go to club since. Will definitely be filling my bag with these wedges.~ Steve Chehansky
My daughter bought me the 7 hybrid and wow I actual took off 7 strokes off my game from 97 to 90 . I never had such good luck with a club that I’d never hit before. And this was the first time with it. Looking forward to buying the rest of the set. Great clubs. Even miss hits were great.~ Mark Stanish
I am 63 years old. I got back into golf about 3 years ago after about a 8 year lay off. I have played 6 different sets of irons trying to get the ball up quickly .Adams A-7.Adams A12, Cobra S3 Max, Taylormade Rocketball Max, Giga Golf Riva hybrids and my last set before my Wedgewoods was a 2013 Adams Idea Hybrid irons. I was about to quit and then I saw a ad for Wedgewood Hybrids. These are the easiest clubs you will ever hit. They are High, Straight & Long. I truly believe if you can’t hit these hybrids you need to take up Tennis. The Best part was you have 30 days to try them, if you don’t like them send them back and it only cost you about 15.00 to try them. THANK You Wedgewood Golf for helping me enjoy the game I love so much!~ Rick Fontaine
Thanks for the great service and the excellent product. In my second round with the new 6, 7 & 8, I missed my first hole in one by about 4″. These clubs work and make me much more confident around the greens. I look forward to iron shots with these clubs. I am an 18 handicap and I look forward to getting better with these excellent sticks. I love these clubs!~ Keith Batson
In the last 2 years I have tried the following irons, Adams A 7-0s, Adams A12-0s, Taylormade RBZ Max, Cobra S3 Max, Giga Golf Riva Hybrids and 2014 Adams Idea Hybrids. I struggled with all of these irons trying to hit the ball High and Straight. I was about to give up on golf when I read a ad in Golf Digest about Wedgewood Hybrids. They offered a 30 day trial so I said what the heck, what do I have to lose? I love these clubs so much!!! They are the Easiest clubs to hit that I have ever seen. In the last 2 weeks 4 of my golfing buddies tried my clubs and then bought a set. I promise you will be shocked. I was ready to quit playing and now I enjoy golf 4-5 times a week!~ Doug Nasur
I’ve been trying different brands of irons before makin my mind up on replacing my old set. Saw the add in the Golf Magazine for the 7 iron. Did not like it at first but after a number of rounds I am sold.  It is easy to make a straight shot with out error. Ball goes to a soft landing. If you have not tried it you should!~ Frank Frieri
I couldn’t hit an iron to save my life! I watched my friends all get these beautiful loft shots that seem to magically fall on the green while I had to lay off my 3 hybrid until I got with-in my SW distance and then hoping I wouldn’t shank it. Not any more! I got the Wedgewood 12° Driver, 7 iron and PW and went to the driving range and for the first time had fun watching my shots get that loft, distance and accuracy that had avoiding my game since I started playing over 50 years ago. The next day I went to the course and really enjoyed myself, amazed that this was me everyone was now watching and yelling great shot. What a turn around in just 1 week after ordering my clubs. You’re not going to pry these clubs away from me!~ Roger Mackenzie
I have enjoyed a 7 iron I purchased from your company for the past 3 years. Always hit it straighter right out off the box!! I’ve been close several times with this club but never a hole in one. Today, I scored an ace on a 146yd par 3!!!! Just wanted to let you know that 7 iron works great for me!~ Dan Dailey
What Wedgewood advertises about their clubs is true. Much easier to hit than a traditional iron. I carry 2 Wedgewood clubs in my bag, a 7 & 9. I would not give them up for anything!
~ Nick Regine
I just purchased a club from directly from Wedgewood. I’ve had issues with the shipping departments of other companies I’ve ordered from where the shippers were not responsive or helpful. Wedgewood personnel displayed great customer service and prompt response to my questions. Calm, fast, and effective. Great team. I like the club alot, too!
~ Jim Pearson
I played the Links at Brunello here in Halifax this morning. It was my first time at this new luxury course and it is beautiful but difficult due to narrow fairways, lots of hazards and a number of blind shots. All of those combined to throw me off my usual fairly steady game with my 7 and 5 woods. However my Wedgewood 7 iron proved to be my most reliable club today helping me keep the ball in play and gaining yards each time I used it. Even in situations where I needed more club, I used my Wedgewood 7 just to ensure I kept the ball in play. Keep up the great work and thanks!~ David Cunningham
I purchased your set of clubs (Senior Silver Series) and my score has dropped at least 10 strokes. I participated in a golf tournament in El Cid Country Club in Mazatlan Mexico. During my rounds I noticed that I had issues using my traditional PW. So I decided to use my Wedgewood PW instead for distances of about 70 yards and I was then in control of my game. That is why I decided to purchase your Sand Wedge to be used for short distances outside of the green. Guess what? I got first place in the Senior category!!!!! Thank you Amigos!!!!
~ Salvador Leyva
Just bought the hybrid 7 Silver Series because I had no faith in my current 7. Never seemed to find the sweet spot. I hit a few balls on the driving range and played a round. Distance on the club is about the same as my old 7 iron. Maybe an extra 5 to 10 yards. Seems to bounce off the turf on bad hits and so far has been much more accurate. I’m sure if I play with it long enough I’ll figure out how to hit bad again but in the mean time I have purchased the 8, 9, and PW. I will be singing your praises to all my buddies………….or maybe not. I like winning. LOL. Thanks Wedgewood Golf. I’d also like to say that this testimonial was not solicited nor directed. This is real and no exaggeration. ~ Jeff Adams
Just letting you know that I am hitting the 7 iron that I got from you very well.
In fact I recorded my 1st hole in one using it at Farmingbury Hills, Wolcot CT. # 6 par 3 127 yds uphill.
~ Steve Jakiela
I started playing golf again last year. I developed a reoccurring problem with not be able to close the face on my irons and never knew when the ball would head to the right like a shank. I saw the Wedgewood irons and gave them a try….and they WORK! No more weak rights. Out of the sand is amazing. I’m back breaking 80 again on a good day. Thanks.
~ Michael Harris
I am a senior golfer who always struggled with traditional iron designs. I have now owned the 5 through SW Wedgewoods for 1 1/2 years and clearly feel that they have made a difference in my confidence and my game. Honestly, it may be a visual thing in my head but I do, in fact, have more confidence and am striking the ball much more properly and consistently. I began with the introductory 7i, liked it and then ordered the remaining clubs. They clearly arch more highly and it required some practice to also increase the distance I was seeking but I am now quite satisfied. Yes, they may be a bit different looking but, for me, they work. At the very least try the inexpensive introductory 7i and use it for a month or two. Very pleased with these clubs.
~ Ted Barto
While vacationing in Florida this past January, I was  hitting iron shots fat, line drives, and missing every iron a lot. I was just about ready to give this game up, when I received my golf magazine and saw this add for the hybrid irons. So, I told myself give them a try. This without doubt the best decision I ever made. I went from playing in 90’s and over a 100 to mid-80’s. These clubs ( Silver Series) is without doubt the best money I every spent on clubs. ~ Jim Schrader
I bought the Gold Series 16° club. Seems I can do no wrong with it, I hit my tee shot with my driver at 290 yards , then hit the Wedgewoood 16° at 230 yards to the green on a long par 5. This gave me a chance at an eagle. I’m going to buy the whole set; I highly recommend these clubs~ Karl Fetters
I purchased the Silver Series 7 iron. I’m getting so good in my short game, coming so close to hitting a hole in one on short par 3’s. I’m in Houston and Bear Creek Golf course was flooded and they combined most of the course to 22 holes with a lot of short par 3’s, man the clubs do some serious justice at getting the ball to the green…to be continued…
~ Terry Henry
I bought the 6, 7, 8 and 9 Silver Series hybrids because my iron play was so bad and shanking was a real problem. I can’t believe the difference, from the very first time I used them. I am a snow bird and will probably get another set for my summer place since I don’t carry my clubs back and forth anymore. I was sold the first day and a month later am still ecstatic.
~ Shirley McCollum
I was ready to give up golf as I couldn’t hit standard irons, but then I bought the Silver Series set and found new life on the course. These clubs have made me discover my love of golf all over again.
~ Eric Thomley
I purchased the Silver Series set in July of last year. What a transformation. No more FAT shots, straight high shots, and after a couple of weeks tons of confidence. Long story short, ended the year with a 6 handicap, and can’t wait to start this year. Highly recommend these clubs.
~ Charlie Finckler
I recently went on your web site and saw the silver series clubs. I ordered a set, including the gap and sand wedges. I at once took an average of 10 strokes off my average round now shooting low 80’s to high 70’s. I have confidence that I can go for any green/pin and either make it or come close. Great control and distance! So often club makers claim great results but never seem to make a difference. THESE CLUBS WORK. They do as advertised. In many years of playing golf this is by far the best purchase of golf equipment I ever made.
~ Lee Arnold
I have not been disappointed one bit with my set of Wedgewood clubs. Fellow golfers ask me all the time what kind of club is that and I proclaim, “it’s a Wedgewood, the best set of clubs I have ever owned!” They love the crisp sound that the club makes at impact and the flight of the ball off the face. Thanks for making these clubs.
~ Gentry Smith
I have the full set of Silver Series irons and the 16, 19 and 22 Golds. You could not buy them back at double what I paid you for them.
~ Robert Bryant
As I’ve aged I found it more and more difficult to make good solid contact with my irons. As I was still able to hit my fairway woods effectively I bought the 30 and 44 degree Wedgewoods to help my approach and short game. Great contact, direction and trajectory resulted and my golf friends comment, “Here he goes with his trick clubs again”:-) Today I received the wedgewood 7 and 8 iron to add to the fun.
~ James Frazier
I am truly amazed!!! Received the Silver Series (5i through Sand Wedge). Before was hitting low driving shots plus shanking with my “old” irons. All my Wedgewood shots are straight and elevated! The clubs truly make the golfer. Have recommended the Ladies Series to my sister in Southern California. Thanks you. P.S. Can’t wait to try the SW in the sand – it works well off the turf.
~ Donald Hanak
Wonderful!!! My score improved tremendously on the first day I used my Wedgewood. The sound it makes upon impact is beautiful. Thank you!
~ Mohd Shahrudin
You saved my golf game!! I’ve been using the 30, 38, 44 degree Wedgewood clubs for 1 year. What a difference. I just ordered the Silver Series Set. I can’t wait to take them to the course. I highly recommend the Wedgewood clubs for anyone who struggles hitting regular irons. Thanks again.
~ Harry Gibbon
I got the 38° Original. What a fantastic club. I hit it straight and high. I tried the wedge for close shots, and find myself using it as a pitching wedge, lob wedge, and everything in between. I took most of my irons out of the bag. I highly recommend trying one if you have not! I will be purchasing the sand wedge very soon!
~ Joe Sarno
On Jan 15th I had a hole-in-one on the 135yd 15th hole at Cimarron golf course in Sun City Grand, AZ. The club I used was the Original 38 degree Wedgewood. This club is perfect for me from 130-140 yards.
~ Lee Mallin
I struggled all my life with irons, and was never satisfied with the results. Wedgewood has taken the place of all my irons except one. Thank you Wedgewood!
~ Terry Thompson
I am a single figure golfer and the most impressive thing I have found with my 38 deg club is the high flight combined with the extra distance and great stopping power. I used and used the 38 deg under all conditions for quite a while and have been very pleased. I have now ordered the 22 and 30 deg. These clubs are no gimmicks.
~ Bruce Crawford
I have been using Wedgewood clubs for over 2 years now and have seen my score drop from 100 + to low to mid 80’s. The Wedgewoods are the best clubs I have ever played with. My friends can’t believe the difference the clubs have made for me; I out hit them with every club. Thank you.
~ Billy Barter
I just purchased and used the Wedgewood 38 degree Original and worked on short game and inside the 150 yd marker. Couple of my friends tried it and had to order 2 more.
~ Arthur Brannigan
I made a hole in one on a 135 yard par 3 using a 7 Wedgewood. These Wedgewoods have taken a lot of frustration out of my game. Thank you Wedgewood!
~ Judy Scott
I bought the 38° Original and went out and practiced at the driving range with it and hit it straight just about every time. I am the type of player that cannot normally hit my irons and always wanted something to help my short game. This club is very easy to hit. First time out on the course with it I placed the ball on the green about 10ft from the hole from about 120 out. I plan on building a set 1 at a time.
~ Jadie Freeman
Thank you for your prompt service shipping me my 38° Original Wedgewood. I took it out to my local course this weekend and was quite pleased with its performance. It works as good as your website claims. The ball gets up in the air very quickly, and WOW the ball went right where I was aiming it. I liked the club so much, I’ve ordered another three clubs (30°, 34° and 44°)…I can’t wait to add them to my bag.
~ Jeff from PA
I purchased your trial Wedgewood club. It worked so well that I purchased all of the Original Series clubs. Since then, I have purchased three sets of name brand irons. Each time, I find myself going back to the Wedgewoods because they are easier to hit, control and build more confidence. If someone is having problems with irons, the Wedgewoods offer a definite solution. You could not buy my Wedgewoods at any price!
~ Ron Miller
I am very inconsistent with my irons so I purchased the special price Original Series 8-iron. All I can say is “WOW”. I can hit this club with confidence and I have improved my short game greatly. I will be ordering more Wedgewood clubs!!!!!
~ Thomas Reaves
I have played the Wedgewoods for several years. My playing partners are amazed when I pull out the Silver Series Gap Wedge. The Wedgewoods are the finest sand clubs I’ve ever used. I fully expect to get up and down from the bunker every time. Thanks!
~ Rich Rajacich
I’m amazed at how much the Wedgewood clubs have helped my consistency and accuracy. Since I started using the clubs I have lowered my average score by several strokes. I now carry your 38°, gap wedge and sand wedge. For the first time since I have played golf I no longer worry about inconsistent shots with my short game. Thanks for making every round I play more enjoyable. I would not hesitate recommend these clubs to anyone.
~ Jay Wucher
I am taking all my irons out of my bag and replacing them with Wedgewoods. My first club was the 7-8. It has done so much for my short game I just purchased the 9/PW. I look forward to great things. Wedgewoods give me confidence I did not have with my irons.
~ Donna DeSimone
I recently ordered the Wedgewood Original Series 22°, 38° and 44°. I have to say that I am super impressed with the difference in my medium and short shots with your clubs. I shaved several strokes off my score with all my shots being straighter and easier to hit than either my irons or my other brand hybrids. My normal partners were amazed and wanted to know if I had taken pro lessons on the sly. Many thanks for developing a fantastic club design! Golf is more fun and better than ever with the Wedgewoods.
~ Michael Allen
I have had the 38° and 44° clubs for several years and last year I had my first hole in one. It was a 144 yard par 3 during league play. The clubs are so good I just ordered a set of Silver Series clubs. Thanks Wedgewood for making golf more fun.
~ Tom Beranek
Had my clubs 7 months and got a hole- in-one on Feb. 21 2008 at Royal Tee Golf Club, Cape Coral, Fl. Love the clubs!
~ Mary Ann Andersen
I ordered the 38° went to a football field and launched 10 straight balls 130yds high and straight. I am headed to Florida to play a few rounds and I can’t wait to use my new club. I plan on buying the entire set!!!
~ Rodney Ross
I bought the 38° as a trial offer and then purchased the 16° & 19° Gold Series clubs. After playing I called Wedgewood and told them they are not getting them back!!! I am going to buy the other 2 Gold Series clubs.
~ George Richards
2nd place Club Championship – Driver, Putter, and 12 Wedgewoods. (it would have been 1st, but a bad club choice, then water – my fault).
~ Doc Garton
This experience confirms that, once again, Wedgewood offers a superior product and outstanding service. I love the Wedgewoods I have in my bag now (I have a few original series clubs and a silver series 9-iron). My buddies give me crap about playing them – except when I stick it close (which happens frequently with the Wedgewoods). Then, they are strangely silent.
~ David Lewis
The shanks are gone, I am no longer afraid to hit an iron shot. These clubs will improve your game and do all the work for you!
~ Darrell Wolfe
I tried the 38° Wedgewood special offer and was so impressed that I ordered the 22° Gold Series and the complete set of Silver Series including the Gap and Sand Wedge. These clubs are sensational, I hit them straight as an arrow and they stop like a dime on the green. Instant 10 – 12 stokes off my rounds instead of shooting over 100 I am now in the low 90’s to high 80’s. These clubs are so easy to use with instant results. Thanks Wedgewood!
~ Robert Gray
I purchased your 38° club at a golf show last year. I had so much success with it that my husband ordered a 22° club for me this year. Believe it or not, I hit a 100 yard hole-in-one today with that club! It not only made my day, but my husband’s and two groundskeepers that had never seen a hole-in-one before. Thanks for making a great club!!
~ Leslie Halverson
Wow!! Fabulous, every single time I’m in trouble, I pull the 38° and it bails me out. My friends won’t stop using it. I’ll never part with it. Thank you.
~ Nelson Gaspar
I am sold on these clubs. I used to play with irons, but started shanking. Golf was frustrating at best, until I replaced my irons with your Wedgewoods. I bought the 22°, 30°, 34° and 38° about 5 years ago. I needed to get something to hit the par 3’s, and the Wedgewoods do the trick. The first time I played with them, I hit 4 out of 5 greens. They make the ball go really high and actually made the ball back-spin on the green. My golfing buddies say it’s illegal, because they can’t believe what it has done for my game. If you can’t hit irons and are looking for an unbelievable replacement, get yourself a couple of Wedgewoods.
~ Elvis Kimura
I would like to say that I tried your promo and wow your clubs are great. I got the 38° Original Series and it has improved my game tremendously. Since I have had my club I have played 3 rounds and shooting better then ever. I love it so much I let other players try it and they love it too. Again thank you! I have just ordered another.
~ Chris Crane
My son bought me the 7/8 and 3/4 Wedgewoods a few years ago. They have been totally reliable in the ruff, on the fairway, and in any situation requiring extra loft. I love the clubs.
~ Jackie Spinner
These past few weeks I’ve birdied and pared holes I could not even reach before. I was leery at first of the flat milled face but it’s what makes this club so awesome out of the rough. If you hit it high or low on the face you still get the same high launch.
~ Rocco Racano
I have come to the end of the first full season that I have had my Wedgewood clubs. This year I purchased the 30,34,38,44 and Gap Wedge. My confidence is up and my shanks are gone. These clubs are much easier to hit than my old irons along with being much straighter and longer. These clubs saved my game. Thanks!
~ Jim Manchester
I have added six Wedgewoods (19°, 22°, 25°, 28°, 30°, and 34°) to my bag over the past two months. Yesterday I shot my lowest score ever, and it was no fluke. These clubs have a unique feel and control not found in any of the dozens of fairway woods, hybrids or irons that I have tried.
~ Rocco Racano
All I can say is: November 4th, 2006, Stillwater, Ok, 202 yards uphill, into the wind, 22 degree Wedgewood, hole-in-1. My first.
~ Clay Fry
I have been playing Wedgewoods for two years. I replaced the Original Wedgewoods with the new Silver Series, plus the Sand and Gap wedge. I also got a 22° Gold Series. My handicap went from 15 to 9. I am 69 years old and playing some of the best golf I have played in many years. Thanks Wedgewood Golf for all of your good advice. You answered all my questions and shipped your products with haste. Thanks Wedgewood Golf.
~ Charles Winstead
Shipment arrived today as advertised. Practiced and played nine holes and have one comment. WOW! The clubs performed superbly. My problem now is to figure out all new distances for my irons. Thanks for the super service and a wonderful product right out of the box.
~ Bill Morton
My Wedgewoods are the absolute heart & soul of my golf game. I cannot play without them. I’ve had the 30°, 38 and 44° since 2001. I’m gonna bear hug whoever invented them!!!
~ Allen Parr
The new Silver Series Sand Wedge and Gap Wedge are awesome! Easy to hit and they go high and straight. I am normally very poor out of the sand, but last round I even got up and down out of the sand twice! Thank you, Steve.
~ Steve Newbury
Driver, Putter, 3 wedges and 9, count em “nine” Wedgewoods. Last year (the first with Wedgewoods) 1st and 2nd in Club Championships. Enough said. My thanks, Doc.
~ Doc Garton
~ Pat Morris
I had been using your Original Series Wedgewoods for the past three years with much success I might add, I Recently purchased your new Silver Series Set and I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed these clubs. Long, straight and high and the new lofts (42 and 46) really are nice! Thank you Wedgewood!
~ Earl Stugarden
I just used my new set of Silver Series Wedgewoods for the first and second times this past weekend and shot 82 and 84 on a 128 slope course. These new clubs are much better than the original series and believe it or not they are even easier to hit. Congratulations!!!!!!!
~ Michael Grassini
I bought my husband the 38 degree at a golf show. I tried it once at the driving range and loved it. I found myself constantly “borrowing” his in order to get out of using my irons. I loved his so much I purchased my own ladies 38 degree. It came today and I can’t wait to try it. He is wanting to add to his collection so it looks like I’ll be ordering two more very soon (1 for each of us). Eventually I hope we will both have them all.
~ Jennifer Parker
THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Besides my driver, putter and sand wedge, my bag is filled with 7 of your Wedgewood clubs. I get a lot of questionable looks on the first tee. But after several holes and seeing how well the Wedgewood clubs work there are a lot of questions. I love this game and especially my Wedgewood clubs.
~ Ed Smith
I have been using Wedgewood clubs for about 3 years now, and I am totally satisfied. My handicap has dropped from 16 to 7, and it is no doubt a direct result from using these clubs. Today, I had my first Hole-In-One on the 175 Yard, Par 3, 14th Hole at Mississippi National in Gautier, Mississippi. I used a 16 Degree Wedgewood Gold.
~ Roger Banks
I just wanted to tell you I love your clubs. I bought a 38 degree Wedgewood in Michigan several years ago. My iron game has gone down hill while my wood proficiency has increased so I’m now tossing all my irons out and replacing them with your clubs. Thank you for a great product.
~ Michael Lawson
These clubs are amazing and are sooo easy to hit. Before Wedgewoods I was shooting mid to high 80’s. Now I am shooting mid 70’s to 80’s. These clubs should come with a warning, “your handicap will drop, you will hit more greens, your golfing buddies will keep borrowing your secret weapons”.
~ Mike Shaw
Your Wedgewoods are the easiest clubs to hit. Period. The rough no longer scares me; bring it on! I now only carry the Ping irons I use for chipping. The rest are all Wedgewoods. I ordered the 38 degree on Friday and it came on Monday. GREAT service. I can’t believe more people don’t use the Wedgewoods!
~ Ray Pulles
I’m a senior golfer and have tried several hybrid type clubs. I must say Wedgewood has definitely designed a superior product!!! I bought the 30 and 38 degree Wedgewoods and can hit the ball more consistently than ever before. Thank you Wedgewood Golf!
~ Sam Hengal
I used to carry 14 clubs in my bag like everyone else, from 3 iron to my driver!!! For what? Till Wedgewood came along and now I’m only carrying a 6 iron and up! The rest are my driver and your three Wedgewood clubs! What a huge advantage it is to have such weapons!!! THANK YOU..THANK YOU..THANK YOU!
~ Paul Nguyen
Got my first Wedgewood last week (44 degree). It’s still cold here in Ohio, but I took it out to the empty soccer field. WOW….every shot was straight and so close together (about 100 yds) that you could put a blanket over all 3 balls. I ordered my second one (38 degree) the next day. I guess I’ve just always been a “wood” type player. Yesterday I took all my Bertha irons out of my bag (except a chipping club, but I may try the Wedgewood for that too). I am anxiously awaiting this next golf season. THANK YOU WEDGEWOOD!
~ Dennis Kusner
I own the 44, 38 and 30 degree Wedgewoods and I can honestly say these are the best clubs in the world! I don’t carry any irons anymore either. I can’t wait till X-mas to get the 22 and 16 degree Wedgewood Gold Series clubs. Anyone who doesn’t carry at least one of these clubs is just plain stupid. Thank you!
~ John Beck
I received my clubs several months ago, wow! What a difference! No more shanks, no more slices. I am consistently hitting the Gold IR 16 Degree club 220-230 yards – that’s better than any 2 iron ever produced for me. By the way, did I mention I am 70 years old?
~ Robert Kroon
I’ve been using the complete set of Wedgewood’s since this summer and they have made golf fun again. I almost quit before the Wedgewood Golf. I couldn’t hit an iron to save my life, but your clubs made the difference. They are especially good in even moderate rough where Adams Tight Lies hit the ball straight up, instead of for distance. Thanks again.
~ Ted Forbes
I love these clubs! I purchased all four ladies clubs last month. Since then, I’ve shot my record low round and won 1st place in my flight. Thank you again.
~ Lori Backer
I purchased the 30 and 38 degree Wedgewoods last fall. These clubs are all they represent themselves to be. A great club for the average golfer. The first club I have ever purchased that has had a major impact on my enjoyment of the game.
~ Donald Trotter
I want to tell you the difference these clubs have made to my golf game in just two short months. I was carrying a 28+ handicap until I purchased the Wedgewoods. I am now down to a 18. I am consistently shooting in the eighties. I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am. I was so discouraged with my golf game, I was ready to quit, but now I can’t wait to get to the course. Thank you so much.
~ John. G. Clark
After hitting a demo Wedgewood I just had to have the entire set of Wedgewoods. I absolutely love them. Just over a year ago I purchased a set of irons and now I am looking to sell them because I love the Wedgewoods so much. I hit them farther and much more accurate than I did my irons, especially when I’m in the rough.
~ Chris Count
I recently purchased the complete set of Wedgewood clubs. I have always hit my irons off-center without any accuracy, but these clubs have cured all my iron-play problems.
~ Roger Miller
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!! I ordered your 38 degree Wedgewood, used it 2 days this weekend and it was the perfect 110 yards for me and I totally fell in love. I just ordered the 44 and the 30 degree. I can hit my woods great. I carry 6 of them, but never was any good with irons. The Wedgewood is great!
~ Kathleen Dunn
Best clubs I ever owned. Tried your 22 degree club on round and dropped 4 strokes that round. Went and bought the rest of the set and in 2 rounds I dropped 10 strokes. I don’t even carry irons in my bag anymore. Thanks.
~ Robert Hill
I have always had trouble with my long irons, but ever since I purchased your 22 degree Wedgewood I will never worry about an errant drive any more. Thank you for making a club I can hit with confidence.
~ Michael Padilla
I was not able to hit my irons very good until I tried the Wedgewoods. Not only can I hit them straighter and longer than my normal irons, I was shocked when I played last week and my partner asked me how I was going to play my approach shot to the green with this huge oak tree in the way. I took out my 38 degree Wedgewood and without hesitation, not only did I clear the tree, but the ball hit the green and played dead. These clubs have given me back the confidence that I did not have with my regular irons. Thank you for this wonderful club.
~ Pete Stielow
Wow!!! The Wedgewood is so easy to hit. After two season’s of shanks and grounders my handicap ballooned. But after purchasing the 38 degree Wedgewood my confidence is back and the handicap is way down. Thanks you.
~ Jan Justinen
These are the greatest clubs. I only hit the driver today and the rest of the time I used the Wedgewoods. I am a 18 handicap and I really enjoyed playing with them. Thank you for making it so much easier to play the game I love.
~ Gloria Zollar
Your clubs helped me even more than your ads stated! Thank you so much for making golf even more enjoyable! PS. I know for a fact that yesterday I made at least 6 shots with the Wedgewood that I would not have made with my DCI’s. Thanks again.
~ Mike Weigel

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