Wedgewood Innovative Iron Replacement™

Straighter Line

Wedgewood’s Slim Drag Sole reduces club head twisting even in the deepest rough – virtually eliminating shanked shots to give you greater accuracy on every swing.

Higher Ball Flight

Wedgewood’s deep center of gravity produces a higher trajectory, enabling you to lift the ball off the ground, carry it over water and sand and land it softly on the green.

More Backspin

Wedgewood’s forward leading edge generates more backspin and stopping action, your ball will “bite” and hold firmly on the green.

More Power

Wedgewood’s added back weighting will provide more power and help stabilize the club at impact. A nice easy swing will get you the distance you desire.

~ Eric Thomley

"I was ready to give up golf as I couldn't hit standard irons, but then I bought the Silver Series set and found new life on the course. These clubs have made me discover my love of golf all over again."

~ Robert Bryant

"I have the full set of Silver Series irons and the 16, 19 and 22 Golds. You could not buy them back at double what I paid you for them."

~ Mary Ann Andersen

"Had my clubs 7 months and got a hole- in-one in Feb. at Royal Tee Golf Club, Cape Coral, Fl. Love the clubs!"

~ John Lomasney

Received my pitching wedge on Friday (13th!) and shot my best nine holes ever...42! You can not hit this club anywhere but straight. Pitching, chipping, it does it all! Great club!!!

~ Robert Todd

I now own the complete silver series and it has changed my game. Roughs are now easy, hitting more greens and I love how it clears the trees.

~ Mohd Shahrudin

Wonderful!!! My score improved tremendously on the first day I used my Wedgewood. The sound it makes upon impact is beautiful. Thank you!
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